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Ways To Find Health Insurance For You - The Home and Small(er) Business Owner
by Maria Marsala

Finding health insurance, as a business owner is sometimes difficult and is usually expensive. But it doesn't have to "break the bank". Below is a list of valuable insurance resources and great places to start your research.

Disclaimer: It is the reader's sole responsibility to abide by all pertinent jurisdictional laws and regulations pertaining to their business. Each person is responsible and liable for the outcome of acting on any of the suggestions included in this article. You're on your own to research or purchase the program that is appropriate for you.


Very often, memberships in business organizations include group health insurance as a member benefit. Take a look at the benefits of the organizations you already belong to and view their complete list of benefits. Often, business owners join an organization especially for the membership benefits. To research some networking organizations, including the National Association for the Self Employed, who does have a program, visit

Insurance Brokers

Check your phone book for Insurance Brokers who for a fee may provide you with a list of known companies. Check a few brokers in your area since they may deal with different companies.

Other Companies

Someone recently networked with me who is part of a health insurance company group. Her web site is There are also fraternal insurance companies and other similar programs located throughout the country.

Health Insurance

Paying too much for Health Insurance? eHealthInsurance offers the largest selection of health plans, FREE instant quotes, side-by-side comparisons, best available prices, online applications and a knowledgeable Customer Care team to help you find the plan that is right for you.

Shop For A Health Plan
Individuals, Families, Students Click Here Get Health Insurance Quote: Individuals, Families, Students
Get Health Insurance Quote: Small Business Small Business Click Here
Seniors - Medicare Supplement Click Here Get Health Insurance Quote: Seniors, Medicare Supplement

State Programs

Some states, Washington for one, provides basic health to its residents whose income is at a low level. Many new business owners fit this category, so check with your State Insurance Department for more info.

Department Stores, etc.

Check your department store and wholesale store memberships too. In some states, Washington for example, Costco, offers health insurance, too! So check every potential membership possibility!

Ask Your Doctors

Do you have doctors you really respect? If so, ask your doctors what policies they accept. When I lived in NY, that meant checking with my Internist and Gynecologist. I then compared the companies they used, found companies they had in common, and found a company where I was able to keep the doctors I really wanted - and at a very decent rate.

State Department of Insurance

Most states have an agency or area that regulates insurance - and health insurance falls under that category. Visit your state's website, find the proper agency, and then contact them for a list of insurance companies in your state. And ask about companies who have had complaints filed against them, too.

Spouses and Domestic Partnerships

In some states, and even within a particular company, domestic partners may share in health coverage. Your spouse may have coverage for you, too. If your state doesn't offer the benefits, your company may anyway. Check it out!


Ask your friends and colleagues what companies they use. This is a great way to find out which companies to stay away from and which to explore, too.


Every few years, conduct a check of the health services and prices available in your area. Why pay more than you have to ?

Copyright 2001 All Rights Reserved. Maria Marsala works with individuals as they design, start or grow their business and career around what they love to do. Individual and group coaching-consulting available. Free weekly ezine available containing business, marketing, internet and life tips. Visit to subscribe to "Growing You and Your Business" or to register for one of our free teleseminars.
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