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October 21, 2001
Networking to Market a Product
By Laura Cordova

In my journey through life to create the things that I aspire to do and be, a business opportunity found me through a friend, and it was one of the greatest ideas I had ever seen become a reality. It is a Network Marketing company that was joyous and rewarding rather than the traditional way of doing things. I was actually intrigued by the product which is having a profound affect on people all over the world. By putting my business thinking cap on, I saw very clearly that because people "want" what the company has to offer, then the money is just icing on the cake for those who wish to become business builders.

I am very clear in my goals and knew that I wanted to work this business part time. Needless to say, an intelligent and articulate man, who is a freind of my own family continues to play devils advocate with my decision, and that's great! It actually helps me to go back and have all of the answers necessary for my business. Unfortunately, all that it takes for most people, are just one or two or three individuals to be the deciding factor for their future. These decisions are based on being overly suspicious where it is not warranted. You would be surprised how many people who are unwilling to go beyond "average" and never allow themselves to fully experience their true joy in life, because they allowed someone to play into their own imaginary fear. An educated mind will make an educated decision. Ignorance is no longer bliss in this day and age.

I have learned that whatever you reflect, weather positive or negative, will come right back to you. This is the "law of attraction." Thus, I made a personal commitment to focus on the facts about our business opportunity, thereby attracting those who feel the same way that I do. In my personal growth, I came to understand one major reason why Network Marketing can be misunderstood. Many people in our society have a profound unconscious belief that money is in the hands of the few, while the rest serve it as victims. In the traditional job, having your guard down and being trusted is not what is acceptable in the workday world. Downsizing is legal for age 35, just to hire younger people for less pay. Network marketing involves trust, planting the seeds for good working relationships, and nurturing future leaders. In other words, new friends all over the world for the rest of your life.

If you are new to Network Marketing, you will eventually cross paths with an individual who hates his/her job and who needs to get out of debt, but has no time. One of two scenarios can happen. One is, they are so thankful that you introduced them to the opportunity that they become a business building dynamo or they are so used to working for someone else's dream that they will not hear a word you are saying.

The lesson is, why waste your time trying to convince someone how to achieve their goals, when they are unconsciously refusing to see a way out? The challenge is, to not be afraid to ask for referrals from the person who has rejected your offer. You would be surprised how willing an individual can be to help their friends. It would also behoove you to financialy compensate the that individual for those referrals. In this manner, you have branched out, and are still indirectly helping the person who has rejected your business opportunity. Leveraging your time with several people can help a thousand.

Speaking of thousands, you can help a thousand people, but you can't carry three on your back. For example, the wrong groups of people are the ones who want 80% of your time. Educate others who deserve what you are showing them without taking too much time out of your life. When you take the steps to good fortune, it will move toward you. Therefore, the remaining 20% who are willing to do the work that you do, will create 80% of the work for you. In essence, it is a gardening business. You have essentially leveraged your time with those whom you have attracted into your life who are willing to do the same for others.

A number of colleges and business schools are teaching Network marketing. The result of their studies has resulted in the development of several criteria that must be met in order to make a Network marketing business a highly attractive opportunity. Once you understand the concept, you realize that it is not a pyramid scheme. Dr. Charles King a former economics professor from Harvard University currently teaches Network Marketing. He is able to show the public the difference between ellegal pyramid schemes and a legitamate Multi Level Marketing business. It is not the pyrmamid shape that causes concern to uninformed people.

To the architect, the pyramid is the most sound and strongest structure known to man. All of life is a pyramid, like a Country, a community, or a university. For example, there are always fewer in the sophomore class, always fewer juniors than sophomores, always fewer seniors than juniors. Why is that? Because life takes an inevitable fall. Many do not wish to excel, because ambition is a very individual and personal matter. Another profound example of a pyramid is Jesus at the top, Joseph and Mary directly underneath, and the 12 Apostles underneath them. This pyramid structure has lead history to 2000 years of Christianity.

By the way, if you are one of those people out there saying "illegal pyramid scheme" do yourself a favor and please stop saying that. You save yourself the embarrassment of sounding uninformed in front of a neighbor or acquaintance who is doing quite well in the Network Marketing business model. Network Marketing is recognized as a viable and legitimate way of doing global business. Otherwise many major corporations like, GTE, MCI, Rubber Maid, Colgate, and many others would not have chosen Network Marketing. For example, the first week our company chose this form of distribution, we sold more in 6 days than in the previous 6 years as a traditional form of business. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to understand that "word of mouth" is the most powerful form of distribution.

The person above you in Network Marketing is your sponsor and it is fundamental that they are the person who should be active in helping you achieve your success. It is a fact that people are predominantly relationship driven, and it's not just that one individual with whom you're signing up, it's his/her upline organization as well. Why is that? Because, the mind knows how to perform the miracle of wealth only if it gets the right ingredients. In learning comes health and wealth and you cannot build this business all by yourself.

Renowned economists predict that the new emerging "wellness" industry will be the next trillion-dollar industry. Once you find a company that promotes a product that seems to fall into that category, which is health, you may think that you have to look no further. You will say, "Ah! They told me that it is a unique and consumable product."

Well, woe is you, when another "me to" company can put you out of business in just a matter of time. The current statistics are that 9 out of 10 businesses will fail before they reach their 10th year. That's 90%. Every year, half a million businesses will close their doors and 8 hundred thousand of them will open. So what does this mean to you? Not only must the product be proprietary, but also, there must be a fortress of patents that cover the globe. Now you will say, "Ah, my companies product is patented." So what! Know the difference between a "use" patent and a "composition of matter" patent. Any other company can copy what your company has with a "use" patent. In the world of "use" patents, "the second mouse gets the cheese." With "composition of matter" as the term implies, this has to do with substances or components of the product that NO ONE else can get their hands on.

For example, there are two swimmers in the middle of the ocean. Swimmer A is all alone, hundreds of miles from anyone or anything ... but he is a strong swimmer. He has a "use" patent! Swimmer B, however, is also all alone, and only 100 yards from an island that he owns and has exclusive rights to. He has a "composition of matter" patent! There is only one company on the planet that has a non-toxic product that is a "composition of matter" patent. This insures to protect the product and company, which will inevitably create an empire of profits for several generations of your family. For example, Dr. John Rollins of the U.S. Patent office, found our companies patents so sound, that he stepped down from his position to build this business.

With Network Marketing, it is not a convincing business. It is a business that reminds us that we are here by design and planning. It is a way to show others how to financially retire in a relatively short period of time. Your goal may be achieved anywhere from 1, 2, or even 3 years from now. We show you how you do not have to put up with nickel and diming with your fingers crossed. It is not a gambling business; it is a place to arrive while allowing your upline to help you achieve your goals. Simply by building a financial wall around you and your family where nothing can get through, you know that you will be key to helping someone in your downline achieve the same success. As far as I am concerned, this way of doing business is borderline Utopian. Imagine when someone asks you what you do for a living and your reply is, "I help create financial independence for people who are willing to learn how to do what I do."

Laura Cordova is married with 2 beautiful children and resides in Southern California. Because of the profound life changing results from the products, this stirred an ongoing commitment to foster her devotion in supporting optimal health and financial freedom for others.

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