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August 21, 2003
Is Working at Home Possible for ME?
By Cathy Bryant

This question, in all its many forms, has continued to be one that I am asked most often. As more and more "work at home" sites appear online, it's apparent to me that there are many who would, at the very least, mislead those who are desperate to locate jobs that will allow them to work from home.

There continues to be a large segment who still want to believe that they can earn a significant income from home doing typing, word processing, or other clerical jobs from home. Why wouldn't they believe this? Thousands of sites proclaiming that they have hundreds of these types of positions available for the taking (for a fee, of course) appear all over the internet.

I can understand this - because I was once in that very same position. I wanted to believe that there were any number of employers out there just waiting to hire me. After all, technology has advanced to such a point that we can have all the equipment we need to do the same job from home that we were once doing in the office, right?

There's a reason, however, why these types of jobs are not generally available to those who are seeking them. A reason I never really stopped to consider. Once I did, however, it became clear to me why most employers aren't interested in having their clerical help located outside the confines of their offices. To learn more details about this, visit

So the question remains - who DOES manage to locate and obtain those elusive work from home positions? And how?

The answer is simple - those who are prepared to do their homework and not rely on others to simply throw hundreds of jobs in their laps for simply joining their membership site, most of which provide limited information that is generally available for free (if you know where to look).

The truth of the matter is that the great majority of work at home jobs are "hidden jobs," not advertised to the general public, and almost always require much more than basic clerical skills from their applicants.

So if working from home as an employee of someone else is what you seek, your first step is determining which type of position you are best suited for. Then be prepared to spend a significant amount of time and energy updating your skills, preparing your resume, locating the companies and employers who may have opportunities for which you are qualified, and presenting yourself professionally as a candidate for employment.

Sounds like a lot of work? You bet it is. But you must be prepared to do what is necessary if you are truly motivated to locate and maintain a work at home position.

Otherwise, you're a prime candidate to fall victim to those who would have you believe that work at home jobs are abundant and available to anyone, even those with limited skill sets.

Educate yourself - only then will you be successful in locating the work at home position you seek.

Copyright 2003 Cathy Bryant

Cathy Bryant has been online since 1999, publishing an online newsletter helping those who wish to work from home, either in a home-based business or as an employee of others. For those who fall into the latter category, she unreservedly recommends "The Essential Home Job Search Guide™."
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