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January 5, 2004

The Number one rated Internet Franchise enables you to profit from the Internet! Now in its 7th year of business, WSI has established over 700 Independent Franchise Owners in 87 countries worldwide. Rated as the "#1 FASTEST GROWING BUSINESS SERVICE FRANCHISE," and the "4th FASTEST GROWING FRANCHISE IN THE WORLD." No specific business or technical experience required. Complete training and support. Home or office based. Proven system. WSI has established one of the most profitable Business Opportunities in the world today! - Now in the UK

Press Release - Internet Empire Rises out of the Dot-Com Ruins


Like a Phoenix rising from the ashes of the Dot-Com industry, WSI Internet is turning other companies' internet failures into new found profits. "Our position is simple," explains Louis Zalany, WSI's Chief Executive Officer, "most websites don't work, and our unique systems turn these internet failures into success stories…day in and day out."

It all started in Toronto Canada in 1995 and today, with over 700 franchised offices serving small to medium sized businesses in 87 countries internationally, WSI is rated the world's #1 Internet Franchise. This #1 ranking, bestowed upon WSI by Entrepreneur Magazine in it's annual Franchise 500 report, is also accompanied by WSI's ranking as the 14th fastest growing franchise of any kind in the United States.

So what drives all of this growth in an industry that has been literally decimated by the bursting of the dot com bubble? According to WSI, it's their results. "The Dot Com bubble was built on a fairy tale theory that the Internet would magically materialize new profits for any business with a website." proclaims Zalany, "It's taken most companies a few years to figure out that their half-baked strategies aren't working, and that's where we come in."

Zalany's way of getting the word out to small and medium sized businesses might seem a bit shocking, considering WSI is in the business of developing websites. They've deployed a "virtual soapbox" strategy by registering the domain Here they set the record straight on some of the common misconceptions small business people have about the web. "Without a complete analysis of a company's business it's impossible to best develop or deploy a business strategy. Our Internet Business AnalysisTM examines all aspects of a client's business and then identifies Hidden Profit Centers within their business that they can exploit through the Internet."

And exploit they have. Every year WSI develops thousands of websites through a global network of almost a dozen certified production centers located in low cost, high-tech regions like Asia-Pacific and Central America. This production network is all tied together through a central business management software system known as MAPS.

"MAPS was initially developed in conjunction with the Canadian Government as a Master Production System (hence the acronym MAPS)" states Bob Lewis, WSI's Chief Technology Officer, "but it soon became more than just the 'nerve center' that managed the production side of an Internet Consultant's business. Today it represents a complete business system that controls everything, including the Internet Consultant's marketing, web development and back end hosting environment."

WSI's business processes are so unique and sophisticated that they are now patent-pending with the US Patent and Trademark office. But surprisingly, when recruiting new franchisees WSI is not looking for technical people. "Our success is built on proven business processes." asserts Zalany, "Success in this business is not dependent on any person's background. We look to attract the best caliber of people possible, but we don't look for any specific technical expertise. Our comprehensive training system ensures that each franchisee is certified as an Internet Consultant with all the skills necessary to deploy our systems and deliver results for their clients."

While WSI is locking up market share around the world, International Data Corporation is predicting that spending on technology to support web initiatives will more than double to 2.2 trillion by the end of 2004. While the ashes of its competitors are still warm, this phoenix is rising and bringing over 700 franchisees and their clients along for the ride!

For your Free CD & Information package visit:

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