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May 4, 2004 endorses John Kerry for President
By the Editor is endorsing Democrat John Kerry for President. As an advocate for freelancers, telecommuters and work-at-home professionals we believe that only the economic policies put forth by John Kerry can return our economy to a state conducive with income growth and prosperity as we enjoyed in the late 1990's.

Specifically, Kerry has proposed creating jobs in his first 500 days in office
through a new manufacturing jobs credit, investing in new energy industries,
Learn more about the Kerry campaign!
restoring our nation's commitment to technology, and putting an end to layoffs in education. Kerry also has a plan for creating 10 million jobs in his first four years as President. Fundamental to this plan is his proposal for sweeping tax reform. Kerry will help jumpstart job creation with a New Jobs Tax Credit paid for by a one-year tax holiday to encourage companies to reinvest their foreign earnings in America. Kerry will also reform America's international tax system by eliminating tax breaks for companies that create jobs overseas and using the approximately $12 billion in annual savings to cut the corporate tax rate. Under John Kerry's plan, more than 99 percent of taxpaying companies will see their taxes go down.

These are necessary initiatives the Bush administration has failed to make in three and a half years. In fact, the only action the administration has taken to restore our economy is to enact tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans. But this, clearly, has not been effective. In the last three and a half years over three million Americans have lost their jobs and over one million have exhausted their unemployment benefits. It's time to abandon the Bush policy of waiting and hoping the economy mends itself and adopt Kerry's proposals of action.

Another challenge facing all freelancers, telecommuters and work-at-home professionals is the dilemna of health insurance. Today, more than 43 million Americans lack health insurance, and that's at least three million more than three and a half years ago. Kerry has a plan that will ensure that nearly 96% of adults and 99% of children in America have proper health insurance. His plan is to control the spiralling costs of health care while allowing Americans to access the same health care plan as members of Congress. In sharp contrast, the Bush administration has done nothing to enable Americans to get health insurance and to reverse the trend of millions of Americans losing their coverage.

Of course, of greatest importance to all Americans is the safety of our citizens and our homeland. As a decorated war veteran and hero, and as a United States Senator for the last twenty years, Kerry has the tools and background, the courage and determination to skillfully and confidently assume the role of Commander-in-Chief.

The choice is clear. The election of George W. Bush would mean four more years of obscene corporate welfare and tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans resulting in mountains of debt for generations to come. It would mean turning back the clock on decades of environmental protection legislation. And it would mean the continuation of a reckless, unilateral foreign policy.

On the other hand, the election of John Kerry would mark the end of policies proven to fail. It would mark a new era of fiscal responsibility, respect for the environment and respect for our friends and allies in a dangerous world. Now, more than ever, it is critical that we restore America's role as the leader among nations.

We urge you to do whatever you can to ensure the election of John Kerry. Be sure to vote and be sure to get others to vote. And, if you can, make a contribution to the campaign.

For more information and details of John Kerry's ideas and proposals, or to make contribution, go to

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